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The Improv Playhouse of San Francisco Players are committed to the magic of group storytelling. Their goal is to create and inhabit the worlds in which their stories unfold. Their approach is that narrative is driven through the impulses and passions of the characters they are playing.

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They have performed (as the headlining group) all over the world; nationally in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Louisville, Minneapolis, New York and internationally in Amsterdam, Beirut, Belgium, Helsinki, London, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Stockholm, and Tel Aviv.

Improvised Shakespeare

Shakes Show PhotoShakespeare’s stories take place in a tumultuous world full of unrequited love, treachery, passion, war, mistaken identity, political intrigue and, sometimes, magic. In our shows, we strive to inhabit that world and to play characters who go through similar adventures and emotions. We don’t know in advance if the show will be a romantic comedy or a tragedy, or some of both. But we do know that it will be completely improvised.

Each show is unique, the audience joining us on the journey to discover what story lies in wait for our merry players…huzzah!

Naked Stage

Naked Stage Show PhotoThese stories take place on a single set, in traditional stage-play style. The improvisers play one character each, and there are no built-in transitions or scene breaks . All the actors have is the bare stage, a simple suggestion from the audience, and each other.

The Naked Stage combines San Francisco’s tradition of narrative longform improvisation with the demands and surprises of traditional theater. In a sense, the actors are “trapped” on stage with only each other. Without the usual exit options (lights, time and location jumps, and other scene-enders), they are left to fully confront the characters and situations which they have created in the moment.

3 For All

3 For All Show PhotoIn 1996, San Francisco improvisers Rafe Chase, Stephen Kearin and Tim Orr formed an ensemble of three to pursue a distinctive brand of high-stakes improv. The name 3 For All is a reference to the uniquely unpredictable spontaneity of the format. 3 For All has headlined festivals and theatres around the country and the world.

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Wow! No, WOW!!! What an incredible show! The talent, chemistry and execution of this troupe of improv professionals is unparalleled….an incredible journey….roll over laughter! Truly amazing to watch the characters….! Each member of this troupe is a true superstar! You do not want to miss this show! Absolutely fantastic!

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