Our Mission

About Improv Playhouse

The goal of the Improv Playhouse of San Francisco is to produce the highest quality improvisational theater in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also to showcase that work in regional, national and international venues.

The Improv Playhouse of San Francisco will highlight the premier improvisers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The performers and the groups, along with their accomplishments and formats, will be featured and celebrated in all that we do.

The Improv Playhouse of San Francisco will seek out high-profile opportunities for its improvisers to perform locally, nationally and abroad. The goal is to bring our unique talents and formats to a wider audience, and to become a leader in the development of improvisational theater worldwide.

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Wow! No, WOW!!! What an incredible show! The talent, chemistry and execution of this troupe of improv professionals is unparalleled….an incredible journey….roll over laughter! Truly amazing to watch the characters….! Each member of this troupe is a true superstar! You do not want to miss this show! Absolutely fantastic!

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