four improvisational geniuses…extremely funny night in the theater…..funnier and funnier…. it all worked. Every moment. It’s great fun…. it’s theater without a net, with an audience there every step of the way.  - Richard Wolinsky, KPFA Radio

…inventive three-act play….sheer creativity….eclectic mix of ingenuity…. the adrenaline is palpable…. genuine and unrehearsed…. surprisingly deep…. instantaneous genius…. an incredible play for something that was made up entirely as it happened.” - Olivia Jerram, The Daily Californian

An improv supergroup……see what magic happens. - Contra Costa Times

These players are the creme de la creme of improv….if you’re looking to see great acting and watch an amazing narrative unfold in real time, AND have a fantastic time, go to an Improv Playhouse show! You won’t be disappointed.           - Yelp Review

Wow! No, WOW!!! What an incredible show! The talent, chemistry and execution of this troupe of improv professionals is unparalleled….an incredible journey….roll over laughter! Truly amazing to watch the characters….! Each member of this troupe is a true superstar! You do not want to miss this show! Absolutely fantastic!     – Yelp Review

This breathtaking improv troupe manages to convey real depth in its characters while rollicking through fast, smart, screamingly funny spur-of-the-moment scenarios. Go now — it’s going to be the hottest ticket in town when word gets around.  -Yelp Review

What do you get when you put four improvisational geniuses on the stage at the same time, give them a location, and let them create a two hour play purely on their own inspiration? What you get is an extremely funny night in the theater, as the performers challenge one another and then have to pick up on whatever they say. That’s what The Naked Stage, presented by the Improv Playhouse of San Francisco is all about. Two hours of improv, one play, four characters, each night of their run at Aurora Theater in Berkeley…. funnier and funnier…. it all worked. Every moment. It’s great fun….it’s theater without a net, with an audience there every step of the way.  - Richard Wolinsky, KPFA Radio (complete review)


I really enjoyed your class…super fun, refreshing, and informative.
- Student, Berkeley Rep School of Theatre

Super fun!!! Like drawing and painting, it’s a shame we don’t have more things like this in our primary/secondary schools. It’s such a natural for kids to play act, draw and paint – but because it isn’t nurtured or seen as something of value it is lost as we get older . . . and then it becomes something we dread . . . for fear of failure or looking foolish.
- Improv Playhouse Student

Class could have been longer. We were having so much fun!
-Improv Playhouse Student

I liked that [the class] it was focused on having fun rather than performing, and I like that we were encouraged to just say the first thing we thought of, instead of trying to be witty. It really took the pressure off, and I enjoyed connecting with all the other class participants (they all were so nice and enthusiastic).
- Improv Playhouse Student

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